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Ty Hellriegel is remembered as "an original in an unoriginal world." His bright blue eyes and infectious smile called us, even dared us, to live boldly and to create rather than simply exist.

~Ty lived aboard his beloved Peregrine, a replica of a 16th century Spanish Galleon, found abandoned in a Florida shipyard and lovingly restored. From there he drew inspiration for his vibrantly colored paintings which so often reflect his deep love of the sea..

~Often called the Ernest Hemingway of Long Island, Ty left behind a legacy of paintings and poetry that speak to us about the passion that infused his life. A long time friend said he was "non materialistic in a materialistic world." He always brought people "back to the basics."

~For Ty, life was more about being true to one's soul than to conforming or fitting in. He was a passionate sailor and fisherman who was never far from the sea. Ironically, the same sea that fueled his creativity and spirit also claimed his life in a boating accident in September 2001.

~Ty's Reef was born. 

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